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GEM has amassed data about several estuarine systems over the course of the projects it has been involved in. Data are mainly water quality, bathymetry, and substance distribution maps interpolated from surfaces. Study systems are located in many parts of the world. Some of these data are available online for research purposes.

Tagus Estuarine Salt Marshes Image Database

This site contains GEM's collection of image data for the Tagus estuary and its salt marshes, including estuarine bathymetry and water quality, remote sensing data, and salt marsh zonation and density. All images are GIS interpolations of point sampling data.


back to top ONLINE MODELS

GEM has made available information online through the use of models running in real-time, and according to user requests. This methodology makes available to the general public some useful resources in oceanography.

TideP_logo.gif (6710 bytes) On-line Tide Predictor

The Oceanus 2000 oceanographic table software has been made available for on-line use. This version allows the user to create several oceanographic tables, including gas solubility and  tide predictions; data can be obtained in graphic or table formats.



The scientific activity developed within GEM has led to the publication of papers in refereed journals, by members of the research group. The full text of selected recent papers is provided on-line for browsing only; all material is copyrighted by the journal publishers.

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