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GEM has produced a number of software utilities with wide-ranging applications in oceanography and ecological modelling. Here you can find more information about them, and download freeware versions.

click to visit the EcoWin2000 homepage

EcoWin2000 (E2K)

EcoWin2000 is an object-oriented ecological modelling package, developed at GEM for advanced ecological modelling work. Features include several sub-model components simulating variables such as hydrodynamic transport, nutrients, phytoplankton, and many more. More information is available at the E2K website.

click to visit the BarcaWin2000 homepage

BarcaWin2000 (B2K)

BarcaWin2000 is a relational water quality database, developed at GEM, which includes the features most used in oceanographic data analysis. Please visit the B2K website for more information.

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Oceanus2000 is a package for making oceanographic tables, tide prediction, and even for looking at the phases of the moon. It is a product of the ecological modelling work at GEM; download it for free at the Oceanus2000 website.



Equation2000 is a package for calculating an index of estuarine quality. There is an accompanying paper to the index: Ferreira, J.G., 2000. Development of an estuarine quality index based on key physical and biogeochemical features. Ocean & Coastal Management, 43/1, 99-122. Please download the file, and run the setup program.

DB2000 (beta version)

Data Builder 2000

DB2000 is a package for interconverting different file formats, interpolation, and more. The beta version is available for download from the link below. Please download the file, and run the setup program.


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The links below are for simple PowerSim and Stella models available for free download. They were written for teaching purposes, for final year undergraduate and M.Sc. students. You will need a copy of the PowerSim (TM) or Stella (TM) software as appropriate.


PowerSim absolute beginners tutorial

Tutorial for simple model development

Steele's model (2 very simple models)

Simple 1-D advection-dispersion model

9 Vollenweider models of increasing complexity

7 tide/light and primary production models

Photic zone model

Coupled pelagic production-mineralisation model

Classes - Population dynamics and physiology models


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This page contains a number of utilities which are available for downloading, including ftp software, anti-viruses and other files. Some of these files are shareware, so if you use them be sure to register the programs with the authors.


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The information presented here is generally taken from the published literature, and is to be used strictly for consultation. Please respect fully copyright of materials shown. There are data and links regarding statistics, data tables, information for teachers and students, and general interest material in oceanography, marine management, marine pollution and modelling.

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